Welcome to Feiteng LTD, a Leading Asphalt Tanks Manufacturer

Delivering asphalt solutions with incredible performance and efficiency, Dezhou Feiteng Road Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. is a highly experienced designer and producer of asphalt equipment. We offer a wide selection of equipment that is all specially designed for optimal production, management, storage, and transportation of asphalt and bitumen. Producing over 200 units each year, we design and manufacture asphalt/bitumen mixing plants (asphalt batching plants), asphalt/bitumen recycling plants, and asphalt/bitumen emulsion plants that can be configured to your road construction and maintenance needs. Contact us today and we will work with you to answer any questions you may have and our experts will help you find the equipment you need.

We proudly Manufacture a Wide Range of Equipment that Serves the Roadbuilding Industry and Asphalt Emulsion Plant as Well as Asphalt Mixing Plant

    1. Asphalt/Bitumen Melter
    2. Asphalt/Bitumen Melter Asphalt melters are specialized equipment designed for heating solid asphalt (or similar materials), melting it into liquid asphalt, and pumping it out. According to the asphalt storage state, we provide asphalt melters divided into asphalt barrel melters and bitumen melters in bags.
    1. Asphalt Heating Tank, Asphalt Storage Tank, Bitumen Tank
    2. Asphalt Heating Tank, Asphalt Storage Tank, Bitumen Tank The asphalt heating tank produced by our company has two heating forms: one is the asphalt storage and heating tank heated by the external thermal oil boiler; the other is the direct-fired asphalt heating tank.
    1. Asphalt Emulsion Plant
    2. Asphalt Emulsion Plant Asphalt and modified asphalt are converted into a fine suspension of asphalt droplets in water using the asphalt emulsion plant. Asphalt emulsions are an oil-in-water emulsion where asphalt is dispersed in water with a minimum droplet size of 0.1μm.
    1. Modified Bitumen
    2. Modified Bitumen We produce two modified bitumen blending equipment pieces, including a rubber modified asphalt/bitumen mixing tank and polymer modified bitumen/asphalt mixing tank. Based on customer requirements and applications, we also offer asphalt blending systems.
    1. Colored Asphalt Blending Tank
    2. Colored Asphalt Blending Tank The colored asphalt blending tanks are designed for working conditions where mobile operation is needed and sites where a thermal oil boiler is not available. This asphalt equipment is used for the preparation, production, and storage of a variety of rubber powder modified asphalt.
    1. Asphalt Distributor
    2. Asphalt Distributor Feiteng provides two multifunctional asphalt distributer series: the RLS series (which is used to distribute emulsified asphalt and modified emulsified asphalt) and the LS series (which is used for distributing asphalt substrate and modified asphalt).